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German Awards Day

Gift bags, envelopes, boxes, and books on display as German Awards Day prizes.

At the last day of classes every Spring semester, the Department celebrates the achievements of undergraduate majors and minors and graduate students. Annually approximately 40 Germanic Studies students are honored with awards, ranging from book prizes to $24,000.

This event would not be possible without our close relationship with the department’s friends and donors.

Chicago Columbia Club Awards for High Achievement in Germanic Studies (Seniors) Heading link

Christel Schmidt  and Dr. Petra Blix with two female UIC students

Graduating seniors are honored for their

  • excellent academic performance in Germanic Studies courses,
  • engagement in undergraduate research, and
  • extracurricular activities related to German language and culture.

Awardees personify the values of dedication, persistence, and intellectual curiosity.

German Language Society Awards for High Achievement in Germanic Studies (Juniors) Heading link

Ms. Inge Marra and Ms. Anne Schumacher with a male UIC student

Juniors receive the award for their

  • ambitious attitude
  • pursuit of opportunities
  • excellent performance in Germanic Studies classes, and
  • participation in department events.

Gloria Flaherty and Niels Friedrich Awards for Achievement in Germanic Studies Heading link

These scholarships funds are supported by gifts from individual donors to the Gloria Flaherty and Niels Friedrichs Fund.

Germanic Studies majors and minors are nominate for

  • high grades,
  • excellent academic contributions in German courses,
  • engagement in research, and
  • participation in extracurricular activities related to German.

Undergraduate Book Awards Heading link

Mixed group of UIC students with their book prizes and Prof. Patrick Fortmann

The print and video materials have been generously donated by the Goethe-Institut Chicago, as well as the Consulates and cultural units of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Department of Germanic Studies.

These gifts are intended to encourage Germanic Studies students to expand their readings, and understanding of German-speaking cultures.

Max Kade Foundation Heading link

Mixed group of UIC students hold envelopes containing their Kade awards and Prof. Sara Hall

The Max Kade foundation promotes Germanic studies and transatlantic exchange through

  • 8 study abroad travel grants ($1000)
  • 3 graduate fellowships ($ 20,000 each) for MA and PhD students

Humboldt-Universität Exchange Scholarship Heading link

Professor Schlipphacke and a female UIC undergraduate

UIC’s Office of International Affairs has an exchange relationship with the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, allowing us to host students on our campus and to send our own student to study there with the same tuition waiver they would receive here and also a stipend to support them.

Robert Kauf Memorial Scholarship Awards for Excellence in Graduate Research Heading link

A mixed group of UIC graduate students with Ms. Jeanette Kauf-Stern

The Department of Germanic Studies promotes scholarship by their graduate students by holding an annual research competition where students submit papers that are judged by the entire faculty for their clarity, originality, and use of sources.

The Robert Kauf Awards for Excellence in Teaching Heading link

Jeanette Kauf-Stern with a female and a male UIC graduate student

The Awards for Excellence in Teaching are given to outstanding Teaching Assistants on the basis of an original teaching portfolio submission judged by the faculty.

Astrida Orle Tantillo Bridges Scholarship Fund for Students in Germanic Studies Heading link

Mixed group of UIC students with LAS Dean Astrida Tantillo

The mission of the Astrida Orle Tantillo Bridges Scholarship Fund is to enable students to take part in meaningful learning experiences that might be otherwise unavailable to them due to financial or other constraints, offering a bridge between their studies of German language, literature and culture or linguistics at UIC and their academic and/or career goals.


Induction of New Members of the Delta Phi Alpha National German Honors Society Zeta Chapter Heading link

Prof. Elizabeth Loentz with a mixed group of UIC undergraduates

The Society aims to promote

  1. the study of the German language, literature and civilization, and
  2. endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture
  • which are of universal value, and
  • which contribute to man’s eternal search for peace and truth.

Program Archive Heading link

Please see the programs below for a list of all award recipients.

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2024 German Awards Day Program

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