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M.A. and Ph.D. Alumni in Germanic Studies

We are immensely proud of our graduates, who have gone on to be successful in a wide variety of professional positions within and beyond the Academy.

Recent Ph.D. Student Placements (within and beyond the Academy):

  • Christina Mekonen

    Ph.D. 2018

    Doctoral Lecturer in German, Hunter College, New York

  • Christina Schultz

    Ph.D. 2018

    Teacher at bilingual school in Frankfurt (“Phorms”)

  • Sharon Weiner

    Ph.D. 2017

    Lecturer in German, Baylor University

  • Jonathan Tillotson

    Ph.D. 2017

    English Language Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo

  • Derek Schaefer

    Ph.D. 2016

    German Teacher, Slinger High School, Milwaukee

  • Miglena Nikolova

    Ph.D. 2015

    Associate Professor of German, College of DuPage

  • Julia Koxholt


    Translator, Lions Club

  • Kataryna Sims

    Ph.D. 2014

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Trinity College, Hartford

  • Michelle Reyes

    Ph.D. 2013

    Assistant Professor of German, Southwestern University/Church Planter

  • Sandra Kohler

    Ph.D. 2013

    Assistant Professor of German, Indiana State University

  • Kristina Förster

    Ph.D. 2013

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies, Charles University, Prague

  • Ekaterina Pirozhenko

    Ph.D. 2011

    Lecturer in German Studies and Assistant Dean of Admissions and Academic Advising in College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University

  • Adam Gacs


    Instructor of German and Technology Specialist, Michigan State University

  • Natalia Dudnik

    Ph.D. 2010

    Assistant Professor of German and Coordinator of German Language Program, George Mason University

  • Stacy Jeffries

    Ph.D. 2008

    Executive Assistant to the Director of the Housing Bureau, Portland, OR

  • Marcus James Mueller

    Ph.D. 2008

    Associate Professor of German, Montana State University/Interim Principal, Brecht Stadtteilschule, Hamburg

  • Habiba Hadziavdic

    Ph.D. 2006

    German Instructor, Hamline University and University of St. Thomas

  • Marlene Streeruwitz

    Ph.D. 2005

    Dramatist, novelist, journalist and cultural critic in Austria

  • Lilian Friedberg Banks

    Ph.D. 2004

    Independent editor and translator

  • Andrea Reimann

    Ph.D. 2004

    English and German Instructor, Berufsmaturitätsschule und Berufsfachschule, Winterthur

Recent M.A. Student Placements (within and beyond the Academy):

  • Sarah Miller

    M.A. 2018

    Fulbright Teaching Assistant, Graz, Austria

  • Anna Pajak

    M.A. 2014

    Lecturer in German, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Jenna Veren

    M.A. 2014

    Senior Client Support Associate, Getty Images

  • Bianca Gavin

    M.A. 2013

    Lecturer and German Language Program Coordinator, State University of New York, New Paltz

  • Simon Zuberek

    M.A. 2012

    Educational Technologist, Columbia University

  • Veronika Roth

    M.A. 2012

    English Instructor, East West University, Chicago

  • Seth Meyer

    M.A. 2010

    Lecturer in German, Carleton College

  • Erwin Malakaj

    M.A. 2009

    Assistant Professor, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, University of British Columbia

  • Vera Kauder Pollina

    M.A. 2008

    Executive Director at Hear Foundation, Chicago

  • Sarah Ando

    M.A. 2008

    Business Development Research Coordinator, Locke Lord LLP, Chicago

  • Elizabeth Lezius

    M.A. 2007

    Coordinator, Influencer Relations at nCino, Inc.

  • Serena Heider

    M.A. 2007

    Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

  • Christina Falk

    M.A. 2006

    English as a Second Language Instructor, Defense Language Institute

  • Mark Grill

    M.A. 2003

    Production Editor at Orca Book Publishers

  • Alexandra Tacke

    M.A. 2002

    Adviser for Literature, Film, Regional and Minority Languages and Public Universities, Senator für Kultur, Bremen

  • Agnieszka Michalak

    M.A. 1999

    World Languages Faculty at the Illinois Math and Science Academy