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Campus Certificate in German Language

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Develop advanced level German language proficiency by taking

  • conversation courses based on German TV shows;
  • culture courses to identify and respond to new and diverse perspectives of the German speaking world;
  • study abroad courses in German speaking countries: summer, one semester, one year;
  • business courses to effectively engage with German speakers in business settings.
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Why earn a German language certificate?

  • to demonstrate on your transcript that you are an informed global citizen who can competently interact with others in multi-lingual contexts;
  • to pursue your MA for free at a German University;
  • to complete a paid internship in Germany in areas of science and engineering or in applied science fields;
  • to put German on your resume! Prospective employers will know that you have solid writing and presentation skills, the ability to identify and ask significant questions, and are open-minded and adaptable.
Students from other disciplines who want to pursue the Certificate in German Language must complete a minimum of 17 semester hours, as outlined below:

Required Courses
GER 103Intermediate German I4 hours
GER 104Intermediate German II4 hours
Select two of the following:6 hours
GER 211Exploring German-Speaking Cultures
GER 212Rural, Urban, Global: Germanic Geographies
GER 214Conversational German through Popular Culture and Media
Select one of the following:3 hours
GER 299Becoming Transcultural: Study Abroad
GER 310Contemporary German Language, Culture and Society
GER 311German Literature in a Global Context
GER 315Business Culture in German-Speaking Countries
GER 401Research in German Studies
GER 415Business Practices in German-Speaking Countries
Total Hours17 hours
Official Campus Certificate in German Language requirements

For more information contact the advisor for Germanic Studies!